A list of 15 most famous world logos

A logo that is well-designed can help an organization distinguish itself from its competitors by making it more than simply an image. Consider any company that or brand you think of it’s likely that the first image that comes to your mind is the logo. This is the power of logos. This is the effect they have.

It takes only 10 seconds to create the impression that a logo has. It takes 7 to identify the identity of a logo. If you are able to design an appealing logo that reflects the value of your brand the chances of success rise significantly. All you need is ideas and examples of logos that have been successful. These are a few examples of 15 top most innovative and well-known logos.

Top 15 famous emblems


The Apple logo is more than an image that is easy to recognize. It’s also a symbol of status and a symbol of the elitism and class that many people would like to attain. The Apple logo in the shape of an apple that is over-bitten is as well-known as its products and with good reason.

The clean and sleek appearance that is Apple’s logo is clean and sleek. Apple logo was not intended to appear like this at the time it was designed. The initial Apple logo featured Newton in a apple tree, taking notes. But Steve Jobs, the founder of the tech giant was not thrilled with the idea which resulted in the development of the concept of an apple that was bitten. The sleek Apple logo symbolizes an element from the world of technology , and it is still one of the most beautiful logos that have ever been created.


If you take a look at the MasterCard logo now it’s not the typeface it used include. The logo was designed in 1966. initial design featured the words “We Honor Master Charge the Interbank Card across two circles that were iconic and interspersed.

However, the text was soon removed and replaced by the word MasterCard which signified the renaming of the whole brand. The new logo had larger colors and bolder fonts. It was introduced in 1976 and in 1996 the MasterCard logo received a new makeover and changed into the 3D yellow and red logo it is today.

The present MasterCard symbol, which is not text and featuring interlocking circles – symbolizes the brand’s flexibility and its willingness to adapt in these uncertain times.


In the world, you’ll not meet a single person who isn’t drawn to a symbol consisting of two yellow arches becoming one, and creating the letter M McDonald’s. McDonald’s logo! The image does not have anything to do with food, however it can make anyone think of McDonald’s famous French fries! If you take a closer look you will notice the fries that are long in the letters M.

In addition to being funny the initial McDonald’s logo was about as away from the current McDonald’s as you can get. When the company altered its brand name (from McDonald’s Famous Barbeque to McDonald’s Famous Hamburgers) in the late 1940s the logo had an unsettling animated chef. In the 1960s the McDonald’s logo was subject to significant changes which resulted in the famous golden arches that resemble the shape of an M.

The reasoning behind this choice is quite straightforward. The arches are the symbol for the initial letter of the name of the business.


Nike logo in the shape of a tick also has its own name , the swoosh. It is a perfect match to the tagline “Just Do It”. The logo was designed by a young man and wasn’t initially acknowledged. The first time Nike creator Phillip Knight first saw the logo, he wasn’t happy with it but chose to keep the logo.

Carolyn Davidson, the designer who created the logo originally received just 35 dollars for the work she did. She drew inspiration from an image of the Greek goddess of triumph Nike as her source of inspiration (Nike is the brand name as well as the goddess’ name are identical when translated into English). Swoosh signifies speed and movement as among the many meanings of this word is the sound of the air being cleared). The logo was redesigned and improved. In 1995, we decided on the style is now in use the check mark slanted with no name for the brand.


FedEx is an iconic and original corporate logos ever. On first sight, the logo appears like text, but If you pay attention you will find a cleverly concealed hint. First, let’s look in a little deeper into the story of FedEx logo.

In 1971 In 1971, the FedEx logo was not the same as it is now. The logo featured the company’s entire name Federal Express, in stylized text, with red and blue colors. This color scheme was picked to symbolize the brand’s patriotism that is associated to American government. American government. Although the original logo helped to make the brand successful however, it was altered in 1994 and became the logo it is today.

The giant of shipping and delivery’s present logo is cleverly utilizing the technique of negative space. Check out the space between letters E and X and you’ll find a well-hidden arrow. This arrow shows FedEx’s commitment to speed and precision.


If there’s one logo for business style that you can draw in the direction of then it’s Microsoft’s logo. Microsoft logo. It’s got a long history The logo has changed numerous times, going through six significant modifications. It was only after a while that they decided to settle on the four squares we all associate with this company in the field of technology.

The most recent design of the Microsoft logo was introduced in 2012, during the grand opening of the 23rd retail store located in Boston. The tile-based interface is very modern in its style. The four colors in the one-square represent Microsoft’s four main product lines: MS Office (red), Xbox (green), Windows (blue) and Bing (yellow).


The Mermaid with two tails is so closely linked to Starbucks that it is hard to imagine that one would exist without the other. However, the Starbucks logo that we see today is an edited rendition of how it was originally designed to be.

The mermaid logo was initially adopted in 1971 after the Starbucks founders Starbucks found the 16th-century Norwegian engraving of the well-known mermaid wearing two tails. Also called the siren, the logo of the time depicted a mermaid wearing her breasts visible. In 1992 however the logo was removed in the following year, and ever since it has featured a cute Mermaid, sporting two tails at her sides , and sporting the simplest crown.

Since 2011, the logo went through another overhaul. As part of the revision the outer circle that was a part of the mermaid’s hood and referred to the brand’s name was removed. The color went from dark black into green.

World Wildlife Fund

The cute panda from WWF must be one of the most adorable logos to ever be seen. The white and black panda was first thought of and launched in the year 1961. This concept was the idea by Sir Peter Scott, who was the founder of the group. Since the time, the panda has been the symbol of the non-profit organisation however, it has been subject to some modifications.

The initial logo for the panda was a little bit of a furry appearance. In 1978, however the concept was scrapped and the logo was simplified. However, the design nearly identical as the original. The only thing included was WWF text that was placed below the panda picture. In 2000 in 2000, the WWF font was updated but the rest of the design unaltered.


The initial Audi logo was very different from the classic four intertwined rings we came to identify with the brand. The logo was created in 1909 and was a black inverted triangle that had the company’s brand name as well as the number 1. at the the top.

As with all firms it was the case that there had been a merger within Audi’s past that required the creation of a new logo. The iconic logo consisting of four interlocking ring was created! The four interlocking circles represent the union of four distinct automakers, which are: Audi, Wanderer, Horch and DKW. The logo was updated in 2009 and went through another update, maintaining the original design, but with a new style.


One of the most current among the logos featured on the list of Twitter’s logo is its bird. In a relatively short amount of time, the logo has become a symbol of fame. It’s something few companies can boast about. However, before it was a concept that included blue bird The logo went through many modifications.

From 2006 until the year 2010, Twitter’s logo had the brand’s name in blue lowercase letters. Then, a bird-like image was added to the end of the word developed by British professional graphic designer Simon Oxley. This is when the bird was popularly known in the form of Larry (Larry The Bird ), in honor of the legend surrounding Larry The Bird, the name of Boston Celtics club).

In 2012 the Twitter logo was given its final color and was an elegant blue bird, without any typography. The idea was for the logo’s new look must look like a mountain bluebird and not Larry Bird of the NBA club Boston Celtics.


Chanel is one of the brands that has everything made by hand. This includes its iconic logo that was created through Gabrielle Chanel, whom we all recognize by the name of Coco Chanel. In 1925, the Chanel logo was instantly recognized because it evoked a feeling of luxury for all who looked at it.

The Chanel logo is comprised of two intersecting C’s which represent that the first letters of the famous brand’s name. The inspiration for the logo is rooted in the orphanage in which Chanel was raised. The legend says that the windows at the orphanage were of the same shape as the logo.

With regard to the logo’s apparent simple appearance, it adheres to its “less is more” philosophy that Chanel personally believed in. The Chanel logo is minimalistic and elegant.


Every watch has the crown. The classic crown symbolizes the power, elegance and luxury. It is therefore not surprising that Rolex is among the most admired brands of watches is using the crown for its logo.

The Rolex logo is an easy pointed crown which is situated above the brand’s name. The pointed crown is intended to represent excellence, prestige and triumph. One of the most fascinating aspects of this Rolex brand is that in contrast to other brands, the logo hasn’t changed much since its inception. The motto “Crown for Every Achievement” is perfectly in line to the brand’s logo.


The MTV logo that you are seeing today was created through Manhattan Design in 1981. The company was asked to design a logo for the music channel and they created a style that became famous almost immediately.

The well-known MTV emblem has been a lively design. The design as well as the color design of the logo changed periodically to reflect emerging themes and trends. But, a certain amount of consistency was maintained in the 1990s and the 2000s. The channel chose an uncolored version of the logo, and retained the original logo.

The logo received a new update in 2009, where the M changed to a dynamic image while the TV was still white.

Warner Bros

Alongside the roaring lion adorned with the MGM logo The Warner Bros. – is the only company to gain an eminent status. The shield was already on the initial model of their logo first introduced in 1923. But initially, the design of the Studio was put over the WB initials. Then, in 1929, the silhouette that depicted the studio’s silhouette was taken off. In 1929, “Warner Bros. Picture Inc.” was curled to match the region above the shield. Then, a presentation with the same design were set below.

The logo was subject to numerous changes, such as an color modification and the inclusion that of the names of the corporation which purchased Warner Bros. Today, the logo following years of polishing displays the same traditional blue and gold logo from 1984. While it still retains its original form however, the colors alter based on the movie.


Amazon is the largest online retailer, Amazon really does have one of the most original logo designs around. In compiling this listing, we could not overlook it.

Logos that was Jeff Bezos’ brainchild has been through a few changes. In the beginning of 1998 the logo was amazon.com in lower case , with “The World’s Biggest Bookstore on Earth” beneath it. In the final months of 1998, the slogan was taken off The lowercase letters were changed to capitalized, as well as a distinctive orange O is added in the name Amazon.

The logo featuring the smiley arrow that is now the brand’s trademark was created in the year 2000. The yellow smile that runs from A to Z Amazon’s spelling represents the brand’s determination to provide goods and smiles to its customers as fast as they can.


This is only a tiny part of the enormous range of well-known brands with global appeal, but there are hundreds all over the world. Brands are an essential element of the sales process in your business, which is why so much emphasis is placed on it.