Best Tablets for Streaming Movies and Shows

Best Tablets for Streaming Movies and Shows

Streaming videos or content on any platform such as Netflix is all about user experience. You will not enjoy streaming even the most popular show if you don’t have a good sound system or a resolution that lets you experience the rich cinematography. You must complement your streaming experience with DIRECTV packages and the perfect tablet to make sure you never have to deal with choppy sound and poor resolution.

iPad Air 5 (2022)

For Apple fans, there is no better tablet than the iPad Air 5. The tablet is more than just a fancy tablet. Its robust features, excellent sound system, beautiful display, and ideal size makes it stand out from the lot.

For starters, the iPad Air 5 is equipped with a Liquid Retina display that measures 10.9 inches diagonally. This is a pretty generous size and can be a game-changer in making your streaming experience more enhanced and enjoyable. The screen is also scratch-resistant and comes with many protective layers.

The sleek display of the iPad Air 5 is housed in a durable aluminum body. It also has 5G compatibility, so you could connect to blazing-fast internet while on the go and stream without any limits. However, the one feature that makes the iPad Air 5 so remarkable for streaming is its stereo sound speakers. The speakers are equipped with advanced audio drivers and are positioned strategically so that your audio experience is not affected, regardless of which orientation or position you hold the tablet.

Lastly, the iPad comes in a range of 5 beautiful colors. You can have a full-fledged laptop experience with this tablet if you choose to complement it with the Magic Keyboard and the Magic Mouse.

Chuwi UBook X 

If you are investing in a new tablet, make sure it has features that enable you to use the tablet in multiple ways. For that, the Chuwi UBook X is perhaps the most value-adding, multifunctional tablet you can invest in. Firstly, the tablet comes with the HiPen and a Keyboard that you can use for various things. You could use the pen for illustrations, note-taking, making to-do lists, and even for your work meetings. Meanwhile, the keyboard makes it the complete multifunctional package.

The best part about this Chuwi UBook X tablet is its 2K resolution that can allow you to make the most out of your subscription to OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. You can also download videos and shows on the tablet, thanks to its generous internal storage that is no less than 256 GB! From e-books to music to movies, the possibilities are endless with this versatile tablet.

Unlike the Apple iPads and tablets, you must be pleased to know that this tablet comes with a 1.5mm audio jack that allows you to connect it to speakers and headphones easily. It also has a robust kickstand that can be adjusted to up to 150-degree angles. You would never have to sit upright or in an uncomfortable posture to get the best view of the screen.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 

Samsung is one of the most popular and reliable brands for tech gadgets like tablets and mobile phones. It will be one of the best decisions to opt for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 for getting the best video streaming experience.

The tablet runs on an octa-core processor, and Android 10 OS. You can not only stream videos on this superfast tablet, but you also have ample space of up to 128 GB to download movies, e-books, and much more. It has a beautiful 11 inches screen. Alongside, you get 4 powerful AKG speakers with Atmos Surround sound technology. All of these features work in conjunction to provide you with the most immersive and rich-in-detail video streaming experience. Anyone looking for a long-lasting and powerful tablet should definitely invest in this gadget by Samsung.

Amongst many of its notable specs and features is the S-pen that comes along. You don’t need to buy it separately, so that’s really good value for your money. The pen can be used for various purposes and can be put away easily in the compartment given at the backside of the tablet.

Amazon Fire HD 10 

Let’s face it – we adults are not the only ones obsessed with streaming and OTT platforms. Our kids have inherited this obsession as well. In fact, even OTT and video streaming platforms accommodate kids and children accordingly from YouTube to Netflix, all video streaming platforms are equipped with search filters and vast content libraries that provide amazing content for children.

To ensure that your kid enjoys the best time streaming on any of the streaming platforms, invest in this Amazon Fire HD 10. This is one of the most kid-friendly tablets, and you will get so many important applications pre-installed in it. It will have Prime Video pre-installed too.

The tablet does not fall short on any of the important specifications. It has a 1080p resolution, with a screen that measures 10 inches diagonally. This is the ideal size for a kid’s use, as it’s easier to handle for the child. It also has 32 GB of internal storage, enough for you to download some poems, images, and educational apps.

The tablet comes with a fast 9W type-C charger, so your kid never throws tantrums about a slow-charging or dead tablet. Other essential features such as Alexa compatibility also make the tablet perfect for multipurpose use. You can utilize it as a smart home hub when your kid is not using it.

Make sure to buy the tablet along with its kid-friendly case. The case allows your kid to rest the tablet easily on the bed or uneven surfaces, and not wobble or cause an uneasy viewing experience.

Final Note

It looks like the market is packed with some amazing tablets that cater to different user needs. Make sure to research thoroughly, so you don’t end up paying a hefty amount for an unworthy tablet. Streaming has a strong connection with the device you are streaming the video on. Therefore, a new and solid tablet with a fast internet like Hawaiiantel Internet is something you won’t regret investing in if you are an avid user of platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and so on.