Logos with shapes: what do they are, how to pick

Researchers have found that the design of a logo’s design is sufficient to affect the perception of the brand. Geometry is a way to inform consumers about the company’s values, the product, and the advantages of the business. We suggest you discover how you can make use of logo design to draw clients: in this article we’ll analyze the psychological impact of various styles and help you decide which one to pick to use for for your brand’s logo.

What is a logo?

In the first place, the logo plays a major role and possibly the most important element of the corporate image.

In brief, defining the idea of a logo. it is a type of logotype or sign that indicates the specific business (organization such as a circle of craftsmen in their youth or section).

Logo’s purpose

  • Do you wish to be different from the rest of your competitors? Do you wish to stand out from your customer? The solution to these issues is the primary goal of the logo.
  • The Nokia logo on the device is a symbol of high-quality. A lot of users who are able to see Nokia’s logo Nokia logo on their cell phone, involuntarily, identify it with the quality and reliability of the phone;
  • A well-designed logo can increase the appeal of the product to the purchaser;
  • The logo can help to build a strong image for the business. Logos can be a great help. They can lift a brand above its competitors or make it appear less base.

What are the forms of the logo?

Autor: Josh Warren

A circle

The symbol is found in around 20% of logos that are popular which symbolizes goodwill, gentleness unity, stability, and unity. This is proven by the findings of a study carried out by researchers from the INSEAD Business School. Participants in the study were shown ads for sports shoes as well as a couch with an angular, round logo but no logo. The people perceived items with a round logo as more practical, and an angular logo as sturdy.

The circle has become so adaptable that it’s become a symbol for a range of companies, such as retailers, non-profit organisations restaurant chains as well as financial institutions, among other.


The triangular shape is thought to be to be the most durable and secure form. It is associated with strength and energy, as well as inspiration and transformation. It also represents dynamic. However, due to differences in the mix of angles as well as the location of the figure the shape may be perceived in different ways. For instance, angles that point towards the right or up represent forward motion, while angles pointing to the left the opposite is left or downward – passivity.

Triangles are typically utilized by creative, bold and energetic businesses that target youth or male consumers (construction automobile and legal industries, as well as scientific,).

Square and Rectangle

They are often interpreted as a sign of confidence, order and stability. This is because the quadrilateral shapes that have the straight lines as well as angles remind us of structures that are associated with security and protection: homes, safes and bricks and fences.

This design is appropriate for companies that need to look professional and serious like banking institutions, insurers, or law firms.

Horizontal and vertical lines

Like rectangles, lines symbolize professionalism and reliability. In addition, they represent dynamic and movement. In addition, based on direction, they convey the personality of the brand in various ways. Additionally, the shape the lines take (for example, a circular as opposed to a square or an abstract) is vital.

  • Vertical stripes symbolize the strength and sophistication such as they are seen in the SoundCloud logo where the soundtrack is composed of lines. This choice gives the emblem the power and dynamism it needs to be the music streaming service.
  • Horizontal lines convey a feeling of security and calm. For instance the logo of the world’s most telematics-based company AT&T of blue stripes signifies the connectivity of communications that has been able to connect the world. The circle brings unity to the symbol.

What is the best way to select the right logo shape?

Before creating a logo prepare a list of principles and messages it will communicate. Make a list of the goals. When you have a clear understanding of the type of message you’ll need to convey through the logo, it will be easy to pick not just the shape but as well your color and the typeface.

Utilize these three elements wisely. If you’ve chosen an attractive shape, but you find it to “masculine”, just add colors to soften this particular aspect.

The Gestalt theory

If you’re looking to expand your understanding of design and make use of psychology more, you should study research done by German psychologists of the 1920s. The idea was that the brain integrates visual elements into an entire system that has a more profound significance. Humans create patterns using things of a simple design and then the remainder of the people focus on their own.

Another gestalt concept is frequently employed for logo design. The design may not be complete however, if there’s enough details, then the human eye will see the whole image. Think of that the WWF along with their Panda logo.

The logo you design is a part of the message you send to your clients. If you understand the psychological aspects of branding, you’ll be able build brands that are powerful.

In this article, we have talked about the forms of our logos and their effect on the perception. We hope that the information you receive can be helpful to you. We wish you the best of luck!